Ancient Thera

Ancient Thera is ideally perched on a rocky promontory which is popularly referred to as the “Mesa Vouno”. It is nestled between the two famous beaches of Perissa and Kamari.

In terms of natural beauty, Ancient Thera is located above cliffs plummeting abruptly in the sea. It also offers amazing panoranic views of surrounding islands.

Although the summit was initially occupied by the Dorians (under the chieftainship of Theras) way back in the 9th century BC, a vast majority of the edifices belonged to the Hellenistic period when the Ptolemaic army reigned in this part of the world.

First-time visitors will hit the walking trail and will come across picturesque places like Kamari, Fira and on towards the azure blue Aegean sea at a distance. The Ancient Thera site has a wide range of vestiges belonging to various historical periods of the Aegean civilization. Here you will find impeccable Roman Bath brushing shoulders with elegant Hellenistic shops. There are also the awesome Byzantine Walls.

As a visitor, you may not be able to make sense of the stupendous diversity of vestiges at Ancient Thera site. A knowledgeable guide could be advantageous.
Don’t miss out to visit the Terrace of the Festivals. This is the site where the men danced naked to pay tribute to Apollo. For those with high energy levels, you would do well to walk all the way and rest assured of the breathtaking scenery of¬†Santorini. There is also a spring inside a cave that can be seen.

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